Best Reasons to Get Your Car Serviced at an Independent Workshop

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At an independent workshop, you can get your car serviced at a lower cost, with a higher level of service.

The best thing about getting your car serviced at an independent workshop is that it won’t cost you as much. There are many factors that affect the price of servicing your car, but the main one is the type of workshop. Independent workshops are smaller and don’t have as many overheads which means they can charge less than franchised workshops.

If you’re looking for high-quality service, then it’s worth getting your car serviced at an independent workshop. They offer a higher level of customer service than franchised workshops because they don’t have to answer to shareholders or franchisees – they only need to please their customers in order to keep them coming back for more.


In this article, we will discuss the top reasons to get your car serviced at an independent workshop.

  1. Independent workshops are experts in their field: Independent workshops are experts in their field and they know how to diagnose and fix any problem with your car.
  2. Independent workshops offer better prices: You can save a lot of money by getting your car serviced at an independent workshop because they don’t have the expensive overhead that a dealership has.
  3. Independent workshops offer better customer service: The customer service at independent workshops is usually much better than what you’ll find at a dealership because they want to keep their customers happy so that they come back again and again for future repairs and services.
  4. Independent workshops offer more flexible hours: Most independent shops are open later than dealerships, which makes them very convenient for working people who need their cars fixed on the weekend or after work hours.
  5. Independent shops provide more personalized service.


In the past, people would usually take their cars to a dealer for service. However, more and more people are starting to take their cars to independent workshops. This is because they offer a variety of benefits that dealerships do not provide.

Some of the benefits that independent workshops offer include:

Lower cost – Independent workshops tend to charge less than dealerships for service because they don’t have overhead costs like expensive showrooms or advertising campaigns.

Convenient location: Many independent workshops are located in neighborhoods or small towns so it’s easier to find one nearby than it is at a dealership which may be located in an urban area with fewer parking spaces.

Experienced staff: Independent workshops often employ highly experienced mechanics who have been working on cars for years. They know how things should be done and can fix problems quickly and efficiently.

Free Pick up and Drop benefits:

Most independent car garages provide pick-up and release service from your own place. As the basic service does not require complex repair work, you can always save money as well as time for a service from a local garage such as Go Clutch Car Services.

However, you can also opt for a car repair from a local garage once you are satisfied. Today, the most reputable service providers deal in authentic auto parts when it comes to quality and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, your visit to a local independent car garage is a win-win deal for both parties, where you get quality service at very low prices and the garage gets a chance to showcase its quality of service.

Among the monopoly of authorised service centers, Go Clutch has been doing a fabulous job while serving its customers with the utmost satisfaction. You can own your flexibility even when it comes to servicing or repairing your vehicle too. Book a Car Service on our website anytime.


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